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Marlow Navigation wins “Safety At Sea Award”

Marlow team from the Philippines and Group Head Office in Cyprus accepting the Safety at Sea Award

Marlow Navigation has won the “Safety at Sea Award” at Crew Connect Global 2022, presented during last night’s ceremony in Manila.

The award category is in recognition of a company, individual or team who have implemented significant technical, procedural, or operational improvements leading to reduction of risk to human life at sea.

“We can only accept such an award on behalf of our seafarers,” stated CEO – Administration, Marlow Navigation Phils., Inc., Antonio M. Galvez Jr.

“It is every seafarer’s duty to undertake their job competently and safely, and to respond in emergencies at sea. With crew on over 1,000 ships, our seafarers regularly encounter such responsibilities, always performing their duty with utmost professionalism, care and safety. From helping to save the lives of refugees and asylum-seekers, fishermen, leisure sailors, and fellow seafarers, to freeing one of the largest container ships in the world when it got stuck in the Suez Canal.”

Marlow Wins Safety at Sea Award at Crew Connect Global, held in Manila

“This is backed by ongoing training, together with procedural excellence and support from teams ashore,” added Galvez.

Life at sea can be a challenge. Frequently, all sorts of vessels and people find themselves in distress, many times even in life-threatening situations. Search-and-rescue (SAR) services throughout the world largely depend on commercial shipping to assist those in distress at sea. Marlow’s seafarers are regularly involved in many rescue operations, and in fact save hundreds of lives at sea throughout any year.

Marlow Wins Safety at Sea Award at Crew Connect Global, held in Manila

“The rescue of persons in distress at sea is a longstanding maritime tradition and humanitarian duty of seafarers, enshrined in international law,” said CEO – Operations, Marlow Navigation Phils., Inc., Captain Leopoldo C. Tenorio. “Almost always, this means altering a vessel’s route and planned operations so to search and rescue those in distress, together with other significant efforts by seafarers to help save lives and provide emergency aid as needed,” he added.

Also attending the event from Marlow’s group head office in Cyprus were Joint Managing Director, Jan Meyering and Training Director, Joern Clodius, together with senior representatives from Marlow Philippines and partner training centre United Marine Training Center (UMTC).

“Seafarers are truly at sea for all. Whether this is to provide an unrivalled service that keeps the world supplied with all comforts and essentials, such as food, manufactured goods, medicines, raw materials, energy and more, or when helping people in distress at sea,” continued Meyering. “We are very proud to have our seafarers recognised with this deserved award, and also pay tribute to their dependability, commitment and professionalism that leads to the preservation of lives.”

Safety at Sea Plaque, awarded to Marlow Navigation seafarers

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