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Shipping among the sectors with the greatest contribution to the Cyprus Economy according to a survey by the University of Cyprus

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber welcomes with satisfaction the publication of the “Review of Cyprus Economic Policy” by the Center for Economic Research of the University of Cyprus, by professors Mr. Ilias Giannakis and Theofani P. Mamouneas, which analyses the sectoral interconnections and interdependencies in the Cyprus Economy.

In this Study we note with satisfaction that Shipping is among the few sectors that create the highest vertical connections in the Cyprus Economy in terms of product produced but also creates the most multiplier effects in terms of creating new jobs. The analysis of supply multipliers also confirms the significant upward trend that Shipping offers to the Cyprus Economy.

This Study is a necessary tool for the Cyprus Government in order to determine the priority sectors and define new development and industrial policies supporting productive activities and sectors of the Cyprus economy which have the maximum contribution to the Economy.

Find the Study in the link below.


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