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Cyprus is entrusted with the organisation of the 2026 European Maritime Day

Vassilios Demetriades, Cyprus Shipping Deputy Minister

The Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry informs about the decision of the European Commission to assign to Cyprus and more specifically to Limassol the organization of the European Maritime Day (EMD) for 2026.

The European Maritime Day is an institution established in 2008 by the EU and is celebrated every year on May 20 in a European coastal-maritime city that is selected based on specific criteria.

The European Maritime Day events last at least two days and attract huge interest from all EU Member States, at state level, to the academic and research community, companies and bodies active in the maritime and blue economy sectors, Non-Governmental Organisations as well as international and regional organisations related to the sea.

The hosting of the European Maritime Day by Cyprus in 2026 coincides with the assumption of the Presidency of the Council of the EU by the Republic of Cyprus during the first of 2026, an event which creates the conditions for the parallel holding of an informal meeting of Ministers responsible for Maritime Affairs to highlight the importance of the Blue Economy and any update of the “Declaration of Limassol” for the EU’s Integrated Maritime Policy adopted in 2012.

Commenting on the decision of the European Commission, the Shipping Deputy Minister Vassilios Demetriades said: “This is a very positive development with multiple positive benefits since our Cyprus will be a pole of attraction for a large number of visitors to attend conferences and events. It is expected that conditions for business and academic collaborations will be created, while it is also a first-class opportunity to promote Cyprus as a shipping center and as a state with development dynamics and investment prospects in wider sectors of the Blue Economy”.

The focus of the celebrations will be, according to the decision of the European Commission, the city of Limassol, which had expressed a relevant interest, while based on the proposal submitted by Cyprus and approved by the European Commission, individual events will be held in all the coastal cities of Cyprus, strengthening the effort to cultivate culture around the sea, shipping and the blue economy, but also for a wider promotion of maritime tourism throughout the territory of Cyprus.

The Shipping Deputy Ministry, which coordinates the entire effort, will soon inform all the competent Government Services, Local Authorities, related bodies and organisations to ensure the best possible organisation of the events, always in cooperation with the competent Services of the European Commission.

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