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The Union of Greek Shipowners welcomes and supports the decision of IMO extraordinary council session about the urgent establishment of a safe maritime corridor

Ms Melina Travlos, President of the Union of Greek Shipowners

The IMO at the Extraordinary Session of its Council agreed to the proposal, initiated by Greece and other Member States, as well as the international shipping industry, for the urgent establishment of a maritime corridor to allow the safe evacuation of seafarers and ships from the high risk and affected areas in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. This important decision lays the foundation for concrete action so that the safety and security at sea is not compromised and the well-being of everyone serving onboard vessels is guaranteed.

The Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS) has been following from the first instance the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and its multiple repercussions. The situation has had a severe impact also on the operation of international shipping, resulting in acute problems for seafarers and global trade flows. The UGS’ top priority is the safety of seafarers and ships.

The UGS President, Ms. Melina Travlos, stated: “We would, first of all, like to express our solidarity with the people who are being tested, we are by their side. The shipping industry has an indispensable role for global trade and for the security of supply of staples, such as agricultural products, raw materials and energy, to the European Union and the world at large. As global maritime power, we stand ready to do our utmost, both nationally and internationally, to ensure the protection of ships and all seafarers. The creation of safe maritime corridors for vessels to leave ports in the area is one of the first necessary measures that need to be taken. In this context, we are fully in line with the decision of the IMO Extraordinary Council Session and fully support its immediate implementation”.

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