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Hellenic Cables completes successfully the partial supply of cable manufacturing and load-out for the flagship offshore wind project in the United States

Hellenic Cables, the cables segment of Cenergy Holdings, announces the successful completion of cable manufacturing and loading for shipment, executing the contract awarded by Dominion Energy for the partial supply of inter-array cables for the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind  commercial project.

The purpose of this project is to provide approximately 2.6 GW of clean, reliable offshore wind energy, increasing the amount and availability of renewable energy to Virginia customers, creating the opportunity to provide clean, reliable energy and to offer substantial economic and environmental benefits to the Hampton Roads region. This project represents a viable and needed opportunity for Virginia to obtain clean renewable energy and realize its economic and environmental goals.

Hellenic Cables was responsible for the design, supply, and storage of approximately 50 km of 66 kV, XLPE insulated submarine inter-array cables, connecting the wind turbines to the offshore substation.

The cables have been manufactured in Hellenic Cables’ state-of-the-art submarine cable production facility in Corinth, Greece, over an extended period.

“We are proud to support Dominion Energy in this flagship project, one of the first commercial-scale offshore wind projects in the US, with our world-class cable design and manufacturing expertise. In doing so, we are doing our part in enabling the clean energy transition in Virginia, the United States and the world.” commented Mr. Alexis Alexiou, CEO of Cenergy Holdings and Hellenic Cables.

“Hellenic Cables is a global leader and brings years of experience to help us deliver clean, renewable energy to our Virginia customers,” said Joshua Bennett, Dominion Energy’s vice president of offshore wind.

With this award, Hellenic Cables further consolidates its presence in the U.S. offshore wind market, following the award of Mayflower Wind array cables scope in early 2020. In addition, the establishment of Hellenic Cables America Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, provides its US customers with direct support and expertise throughout the entire lifetime of their projects.

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