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OSM recruits Deck & Engine departments’ crew for Carnival Cruise Line

OSM has begun to recruit crew on behalf of the distinguished Carnival Cruise Line. With the recent launching of OSM’s new “Crew Recruitment” service that offers to ship owners, OSM has initially teamed up with Carnival Cruise Line to recruit crew for their numerous cruise ships that sail around the globe.

Two hundred fifty vacancies are now open on Carnival Cruise Line’s Ships, for which any seafarer, from any region, can apply for a cruise job on OSM’s website. The positions that are available include some essential requirements, which are the possession of a US Visa C1/D, the possession of a Covid 19 Certificate and the completion of STCW Trainings.

There are available positions for the Deck and the Engine Department on Carnival Cruise Line’s ships, which have to be fulfilled as soon as possible, and which are the following:

50 vacancies for Able Body Seamen (AB): https://rb.gy/sb3m0i
50 vacancies for Ordinary Seamen (OS): https://rb.gy/2vqmj4
50 vacancies for Wipers: https://rb.gy/vebfde
25 vacancies for Oilers: https://rb.gy/uhkebg
25 vacancies for Welders: https://rb.gy/rl4u0c
25 vacancies for Assistant Carpenters: https://rb.gy/xfqtux, and
25 vacancies for Second Engineers (2/E): https://rb.gy/wi0r2r

Click the relevant link that matches your skills and experience, register your profile with OSM if you haven’t done this already, and apply for Carnival Cruise Line’s jobs today!