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RINA to support ship owners and managers in complying with the new measures introduced by IMO MEPC 76

The new regulations will come in force in November 2022

The MEPC 76 adopted amendments to MARPOL Annex VI to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets established in the 2018 Initial IMO Strategy for Reducing GHG Emissions from Ships. These amendments combine technical and operational approaches to improve the energy efficiency of ships, also providing important building blocks for future GHG reduction measures.

As a further step in the path to decarbonization, IMO has introduced the Energy Efficiency Ship Index (EEXI). The EEXI of existing ships shall be calculated, verified and in compliance with the requirements in order to improve their energy efficiency. The new regulations will come in force on 1st November 2022, with the requirements for EEXI certification coming into effect from 1st January 2023.

Thanks to the company’s calculation tool, RINA is able to verify the EEXI index of your ships. In the event of measures to be put in place in the path to compliance, dedicated experts will be available to verify their conformity with the applicable rules and their suitability to reach the expected results.

RINA also delivers training courses to professionals of the shipping industry, including maritime companies shore personnel and crew, naval architects and marine engineers, that need to be aware of the Ship Energy Efficiency requirements and wish to optimize energy consumption on board.

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