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Handling of COVID-19 positive crew cases at Chinese ports

Subsequent to our previous update on measures taken by Chinese authorities to prevent the spread of the pandemic, correspondents Oasis P&I have published a new circular (Oasis Circular No. 2105) to update on the handling of crew detected to be Covid positive in Chinese ports.

Oasis reiterates that the guidance is generic and that the port authorities might review and decide on a case by case basis.

The ships can experience substantial delays and costs if crew members are tested positive for covid-19. These can be for quarantine, additional testing, cargo operation delays, berth charges and agency fees.

Oasis recommends to:

  • Avoid crew change from high-risk areas or avoid crew change at ports in high-risk areas
  • Joining crew members should hold vaccination certificate and negative nucleic acid test report
  • When the vessel is in a high-risk port, crewmembers shall take all necessary precautions and carry out disinfection of exposed vessel areas after completion of cargo operation.
  • During the voyage to the destination port, the temperature of crew members shall be taken regularly and recorded to monitor their condition continuously.