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RINA hosts Inaugural Hellenic Decarbonisation Committee

The committee discussed improvements in technology, regulatory changes and digitally enabled services to benefit the entire industry

As part of its broader decarbonization program, RINA hosted the first Hellenic Decarbonization Committee (HDC) on May 6th, 2021. Chaired by Mrs. Ioanna Procopiou, Prominence Maritime Managing Director, the committee discussed improvements in technology, regulatory changes, digitally enabled services and the potential funding or financing of green technologies to benefit the entire industry. Speakers included senior marine, decarbonization and technical experts from RINA along with a presentation on EEXI/CII and working towards zero carbon from Panos Kourkountis, Technical Director, Seatraders.

Ioanna Procopiou, Chairwoman of the HDC, said, “RINA’s initiative has brought different stakeholders of the industry into a constructive dialogue. We were able to share ideas, voice concerns and distinguish between pragmatic and idealistic solutions for shipping when it comes to climate change”.

Giosuè Vezzuto, EVP Marine at RINA, said, “We believe that regulators and the industry have to work in synergy to find viable solutions to decarbonization challenges, and we will work to support the technical strength, innovative vision, and tradition of the Greek shipping sector. This first meeting of the HDC was a positive beginning, as it will continue to work exchanging views, discussing new technologies, and formulating proposals for the industry. Further meetings will be organised with participation of members from RINA’s Decarbonization Committees in other countries to increase multi-sector and multi-competency sharing to maximize the impact of this initiative”.

Spyros Zolotas, RINA Marine Southern Europe & Africa Area Senior Director, added, “This inaugural meeting of the HDC lays the foundation for an intelligent and pragmatic methodology by the shipping industry towards climate change. Our approach must be a combination of technical and operational steps, incorporating digital tools to optimize ship performance. The HDC brings together a great deal of experience across shipyards, engine manufacturers and other main players in the sector”.

Present at the first meeting of the HDC the top management of all founding members: Attica Group, Borealis, Cyprus Sealines, Dynacom, Global Ship Lease, Interunity, Laskaridis Shipping, Minerva, Minoan Lines, M/Maritime, Orion, Prime, Prominence, Roxana Shipping, Seanergy, Seatraders, Stealth, Technomar, Thenamaris and Transmed

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