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Hatenboer-Water and Ålesund Maritime start Norway/Scandinavia partnership

Marked 12-month acceleration of Hatenboer’s global representation with partners and offices in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and USA

Hatenboer-Water BV and Ålesund Maritime AS have concluded a partnership, offering the company a solid foothold in Norway and Scandinavia as a whole. The dealership agreement further strengthens the 115-year-old Dutch water production and treatment specialist’s acceleration. In the past 12 months, Hatenboer-Water has extended its global network with four partnerships and one branch office on four continents.

These five latest network extensions all dominantly feature the maritime and offshore industries. This is Hatenboer’s historical stronghold in which it aims to be the industry reference, providing full-scope water treatment products and services, such as (drink)water makers, pressure sets, sampling services and training courses.

Ålesund Maritime’s Managing Director, Ole Andre Grebstad: “Hatenboer-Water fits well into our portfolio of true green products. Their reverse osmosis technology benefits the shipowner with reliable, safe water with low energy consumption. Furthermore, their Bottle Filling Stations supply crew with chilled, safe water and constitute an eco-friendly onboard plastic reduction. Hatenboer-Water represents predictability, being the most experienced supplier of reverse osmosis services worldwide.”

Hatenboer-Water CCO Guy Heijnen: “Representing many manufacturers of maritime solutions, Ålesund Maritime helps shipowners, yards, integrators and ship designers put together cost-effective and attractive product packages for both newbuilds and refit in the Scandinavian market. From his broad offshore and maritime career, Mr. Grebstad has an eye for crew health and fully understands the importance of high-quality water. We have a partner who advocates our sustainable concept. As Hatenboer-Water is serving a worldwide clientele and pursues a prompt response to any water related questions, we are convinced that Ålesund Maritime will adequately support our installed base in the Scandinavian region.”

Global network acceleration

Hatenboer-Water’s four other recent network extensions include (in chronological order):

  • The Al Estagamah Group has become Hatenboer’s official partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, acting as the stock point and distributor for the entire Hatenboer scope of products and spare parts, including the Hadex® chlorination range. The group’s extensive expertise in the offshore and maritime industries perfectly matches Hatenboer’s high standards.

In addition, Al Estagamah is licensed to stock and supply both Hatenboer’s water treatment chemicals and the regular products within the Kingdom. This is an important factor, given the In-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) Program in Saudi Arabia.

  • Altomar has become the official partner for Hatenboer-Water in Brazil, also covering other countries in South America. Edward Verweij, Managing Director of Hatenboer-Water Americas: “Quite a few of our customers have ongoing operations in Brazil. Altomar is one of them, and were looking for further growth of their already successful offshore distributor business with A-brands only. This perfectly fitted our bill. Altomar and our new Houston office and warehouse together significantly increase our presence throughout the western hemisphere.”

Altomar’s Sales Supervisor Rebeca Santanna: “Hatenboer-Water perfectly fits our ‘dream team brands’ checklist. Above all, we both sell solutions, not just products.”

  • Pe-Gu has become Hatenboer’s new partner in Turkey, tapping into the company’s strong relationships with Turkey’s major shipyards and its acknowledged record of timely and efficient sales and service support.

Anas Edacherry, Managing Director of the Hatenboer-Water Middle East branch: “Pe-Gu is a proven player of marine equipment sales through the dealership of some very well-known brands. They have already secured three system orders in the initial months of our partnership. As they cover the water treatment process all the way from seawater intake to the final water distribution points.

  • Hatenboer-Water Americas. Through its Houston based own office and warehouse, the company is now able to support its installed base even better, with local spares and consumables available from stock. Americas Managing Director Edward Verweij said: “Proximity to our customers – anywhere – is of the utmost importance. We already have many installations in operation throughout the Western Hemisphere and we expect this new Americas office to contribute to further growth.