Home Technical BLRT Grupp has acquired two engineering companies

BLRT Grupp has acquired two engineering companies

BLRT Grupp has acquired 100% of shares of Bars Elekter OÜ (Estonia) and 100% of shares of Bars Elektro AS (Norway) that specialize in the development and implementation of electrical engineering solutions for the ship repair and shipbuilding, fish farming barge construction and offshore industries.

‘The acquisition of the companies will give the holding the opportunity to offer their customers a full range of services: from the development of an electrical engineering project to the manufacture and installation of equipment in the core fields of our activities. The promising engineering solutions, projects and patents that Bras Elekter and Bars Elektro have will enhance the competitive advantage of the holding and add to our synergy’, – indicated Fjodor Berman, the Chairman of the Board of BLRT Grupp.

Bars Elektrо AS is the second company acquired by BLRT Grupp in Norway. Earlier, in 2017, another Norwegian company, Marine Technology AS, involved in the development and management of engineering projects, became a part of BLRT Grupp. Norwegian Bars Elektro will provide BLRT Grupp with a means for more effective work with their customers in this certain field. The holding will be expanding their geographic reach accomplishing demanding tasks in any region in accordance with the requirements and regulations imposed by international classification societies.

‘Our cooperation with BLRT Grupp has been going on continuously improving for many a year. We have participated in many interesting projects of the holding, for instance, we were involved in the construction of the unique Buoy Turret Loading system. I am certain that being a part of BLRT Grupp the Bars Elekter and Bars Elektro companies will be able to substantially enhance both their capacities and the holding’s capacities while carrying on with the implementation of environmental projects for ship owners and ports’, – offered his commentary on the sale Oleg Pljusnin, the owner of Bars Elekter OÜ.

Today Bars Elekter and Bars Elektro are innovative companies offering equipment concept development, manufacture and commissioning services and electrical engineering projects management services for the ship repair and shipbuilding sectors and offshore industry. Oleg Pljusnin is to take the helm of this line of activity that brings three companies together: BLRT ERA in Estonia, Lithuania and Finland, Bars Elekter OÜ and Bars Elektro AS in Norway.