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MCTC inspires creativity in ships’ galleys

MCTC, the leading international catering management and training provider, has transformed seafarers into high calibre chefs showcasing their techniques and skills through its annual Cooking Competition.

Galley crews were invited to create their own award-winning recipes or bring their own twist on a special variation of a well-known ‘Sweet Pie’ recipe and they created gastronomic delights resembling works of art with food carvings and complex recipes. Chefs were also challenged with making short crust pastry and a delicious filling to whet the diner’s appetite.

Each client’s vessel was invited to participate with winners across a range of categories.

Tonia Drousiotou, Culinary Training Consultant

Tonia Drousiotou, Culinary Training Consultant at MCTC, said: “The annual Cooking Competition is designed to highlight the sophisticated level of training that galley crew receive as well as inject some fun into the kitchen. We want to encourage seafarers to feel passionate about food and the dishes they create. It’s one of our favourite times of year judging the creations because the crew all work so hard and create some amazing dishes.”

Christian Ioannou, Managing Director

Christian Ioannou, MCTC Managing Director, added: “This year we’ve been really impressed with the complexity of some of the dishes. As a fully trained chef, I understand the skills required to craft some of these recipes. Everyone has gone above and beyond the brief for entering the annual Cooking Competition. We have been delighted at the number of entries we received and want to say congratulations to everyone for the fantastic dishes they created.”

MCTC offers a full Catering Management Programme covering the vessel’s entire catering management needs such as ordering supplies, recipe planning, menu management, health and nutrition – all of which reduce vessel running costs. It also provides a Catering Competency Development Programme designed to increase standards in the galley through a safe food handling and nutrition course; onshore upgrading culinary course; trade tests, briefings, on board visits and also crew conferences.

MCTC Cooking Competition Entry