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Greece today, 200 years after independence

The goal of this pillar is to highlight the dynamic components of contemporary Greek society through the creativity and participation of foundations, universities, local governing bodies, research institutes, cultural institutes, as well as individuals, etc. At the same time, a maximum effort will be made to promote modern Greece abroad with a dynamic presence in global exhibitions and organizations under the general framework “1821-2021: This is modern Greece.”

 “To erase a part from the past is like erasing an equal part from the future.” Georgios Seferis

Many times, we hear: “this country is beyond rescue.” Thankfully, our past contradicts this cynical and simplistic approach to our present.
Many people have adopted this motto under the weight of the lasting demons of the Greek state. But in reality, we are very much present and ready to strive for the best.
It is possible that with this phrase we perpetuate the myth of the restless Greek soul. This soul that was defined by Odysseus and the Odyssey and has led Greek people to the four corners of the world.
When reality does not offer us the satisfaction we seek, we search for it in our imagination. In intellectual and scientific creation.
One thing is certain, when foreign people hear us utter this phrase, they become puzzled. Because, to them, Greece has progressed. Many find it difficult to understand how.
It is time to take the next step forward. By studying our past, we can draw new paths.
The timeline you see here is only indicative. Each citizen of Greece can add their facts and events regarding a particular Greek. Anyone can add a personal historical milestone and make their evaluation of events and people. Suggest their projects for the future….

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