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StratumFive integrates eyeGauge as Podium Connected

Digitalisation and the efficiencies it generates, is not progressing in some operations because valuable data points are siloed and/or have to be collected and reported manually. The eyeGauge solution offers a route to digitalising and networking these data points and connecting them to advanced technologies.

Podium has been designed with maximum flexibility to connect, enhance and analyse the wide range of data inputs available in the existing fleet. This flexibility combined with its unique timeline architecture makes Podium the go to voyage informatics platform.

EyeGauge has developed a cost effective solution which can be used on ships with limited automated data collection ability, increasing data frequency and integrity whilst reducing crew workload and repetitive tasking. This fits well with the benefits the Podium connected community is expected to deliver to the industry.

“Over time we expect sensor and system connectivity to be increasingly subject to standards, but in the interim there is a need to offer solutions tailored to conditions in the existing fleet. By digitising existing onboard machinery eyeGauge literally moves the dial in this respect.

The connection of eyeGauge increases the range of data sources available to owners and operators within Podium. This is important to meet our objective of delivering access to the benefits of digitalisation and associated data to everyone.

Including another innovative start up in the Podium Connected community alongside tried and tested data sources is also very welcome and in line with our objective of improving visibility to market for new entrants.” says Ross Martin, StratumFive COO

“Nowadays we know how to optimize ship operations, to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and even predict failures when wehave enough data. But this data must be generated by “smart” or “connected” equipment.

However “connected” ships form only a small part of the merchant fleet, while on the majority of the ships we find “legacy” machinery and equipment that is monitored manually. Data collected manually is low frequency data, it is often inaccurate and averaged over a certain period of time. It is very difficult to work with, to analyse it and to apply in decision making.

There is a clear need to digitise existing fleets, to connect that legacy onboard equipment. There are many retrofitting solutions on the market, but they are often complex and very expensive.

Our mission at eyeGauge is to simplify fleet digitalisation, to make it accessible to many more ship owners and ship operators, to get the data out of the darkest corners of the engine room, to make any ship and any fleet smart, no matter how old or diverse it is.”

says Rodion Denisyuk, CEO, eyeGauge Ltd.