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Lordos Organisation in Cyprus selects SAP Business One solution

Implementation by SAP channel partner, VisionSoft Solutions Ltd

Lordos Organisation has chosen SAP Business One On Hana solution, aiming to integrate all of its business processes into a single application, while boosting the performance of its employees’ daily tasks via a series of flexible tools. The project will be implemented by SAP channel partner, VisionSoft.

In these challenging financial times, the experienced management of the group recognizes that investment in digital transformation can empower its people to adapt to changes quickly and safely, ensuring smooth operations today, while laying a solid foundation for the future.

The SAP solution selected by the Lordos Organisation will unify and upgrade the operating procedures of the group’s companies, empowering its staff, while further enhancing the service provided to its clients. The implementation of SAP Business One solution, will allow for the central management of the group’s processes and provide access to direct information via reporting tools (real time analytics), while enabling the execution of data-driven decisions based on real-time information, and more.

SAP Business One software is an end-to-end, scalable, and flexible solution, which can be perfectly adapted to the needs of each organization, to include its most critical areas of operation, such as Financial Management, Sales, Distribution, Administrative Information, Costing, Planning and Production Control, and Supply Management.  Furthermore, it offers unlimited possibilities for future expansion, in accordance with the growth rate and strategy of each respective organization.

Information about Lordos Organisation

Lordos Organisation was founded in 1936 and stands as one of the largest group of companies on the island. With operations both in Cyprus and abroad, the group’s companies are active in the food, real estate, construction and tourism sectors. For more information: www.lordosorganisation.eu