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The keys steps to achieving engine cleanliness and engine damage prevention

Engine Cleanliness is critical for any fleet operator. Achieve this and you will help protect the engine and especially the ring pack, which in turn will prevent costly engine damage, downtime and repair.

When it comes to engine cleanliness, effective lubrication of the engine has a key role to play, not only in helping achieve this but also by reducing wear.


With over 125,000,000 running hours of successful operation, TALUSIA UNIVERSAL is helping many ship operators around the world maintain engine cleanliness without engine deposit build up.

TALUSIA UNIVERSAL is proven to handle the engine cleanliness demands of all engine technologies operating IMO 2020-compliant low sulfur fuels. Its pioneering chemistry ensures optimum engine cleanliness and efficient acid neutralization.

That means it can be used in confidence continuously with low sulfur compliant fuels without risk of deposit growth, providing real confidence for anyone using variable fuel batches.

Tests show that TALUSIA UNIVERSAL performs better than BN 40 in cleaning ability (detergency) and provides higher residual BN, enabling you to optimize the feed rate and maintain the iron content within the specific limitations in accordance with OEMs guidelines during long-term operation.

Taking a Multi-Layered Approach to Engine Cleanliness

Using the right lubricant in the right amount to deliver optimum performance and effective engine cleanliness is just one piece in the puzzle however.

The other critical step is using a specialist Engine lubrication monitoring and management system. By carefully and regularly monitoring lubricant and vessel machinery condition, Total Lubmarine helps ship owners to proactively detect and react to any abnormalities and contamination issues.

Our Drain Oil Analysis Service and DIAGOMAR PLUS oil analysis labs help prevent unnecessary wear or damage before it happens, ensuring we can help our customers reduce vessel machinery downtime along with the associated costs.

Our Drain Oil analysis services are designed to provide operators with ongoing technical support and interpretation through our team of specialists across our 5 global laboratories and Marine Lubricant Engineers out in the field.

Benefits of Preventing Unnecessary Engine Damage

By taking the approach of using a specialist performance lubricant like TALUSIA UNIVERSAL in conjunction with an effective lubricant monitoring and management system, vessel operators will be best placed to avoid, what research has highlighted, is likely to be costly engine damage from occurring.

Research, undertaken by International Marine Insurer The Swedish Club, reveals that lubrication failure is the main cause of vessel engine damage – on average costing $763,320 (USD) to repair.

Carried out over 1,200 hull and machinery claims, the research revealed that lubrication issues remain the most expensive and frequent cause of engine damage followed by incorrect maintenance.

For more information on TALUSIA UNIVERSAL and Total Lubmarine’s range of Drain Oil Analysis Services visit https://www.totallubmarine.com/innovation/talusia-universal and https://www.totallubmarine.com/services/cylinder-drain-oil-analysis-and-optimization

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