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Diaplous-Cyber announces partnership with Alpha Marine Consulting

DIAPLOUS-CYBER, one of the emerging Cyber Security service providers, announces its strategic partnership with ALPHA MARINE CONSULTING, with the aim of providing holistic cyber defence and cyber security services capable of protecting maritime companies against cyber threats and possible attacks.

ALPHA MARINE CONSULTING is one of the largest marine engineering and consultancy firms in Europe and worldwide, providing end-to-end services to shipping companies and terminals/ports.

DIAPLOUS-CYBER and ALPHA MARINE CONSULTING, firmly committed to providing high quality innovative services in the shipping industry, are now jointly providing services and methodologies for the implementation of Cyber Risk Assessment and Cyber Risk Management. This collaboration combines the deep and long-term knowledge and experience each company has in its own area of expertise.

In case of incident or threat, the procedures and operations customized according to each company’s technological infrastructure and needs, guarantee Business Continuity by:

  • Responding to the cyber incident
  • Recovering electronic systems
  • Restoring normal operations
  • Ensuring Company’s assets, personal data and operational integrity
  • Protecting Company’s reputation

“We consider cyber security and defence to be an ongoing business process. For this reason, we created the Cyber Defence Operations Center (CDOC) that offers continuous monitoring, detection and response 24/7/365 “, stated Mr. Manolis Lazaridis, CEO of DIAPLOUS Group.

“Integrated management and, where possible, prevention of cyber-attacks is an urgent need of the shipping industry. Vigilance and special care are required so that all companies in the industry remain safe, having complete procedures and appropriate technical tools to effectively deal with cyber-attacks and ensure cyber-security. This is exactly what we, the two companies, offer through our strategic cooperation “, stated Mr. Antonis Iordanidis, General Manager of ALPHA MARINE CONSULTING.

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