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Tronds Marine Service takes a big step towards digitizing vital processes

Tronds Marine Service AS provides heavy lifting, transportation assignments and barge services. The company operates mainly in northern Europe and is headquartered on Halsnøy in Western Norway. Adonis’ portal solution is now being implemented for handling project-specific, automated time capture. At the same time all employees are now able to submit their travel expenses electronically through the Adonis self-service portal.

“After being a very happy customer of Adonis’ Payroll and Personnel for many years, we felt it was time to take the next step towards more automation and digitization”, says Head of Administration Kjartan Mehammer in Tronds Marine Service.

“In a world where time increasingly means money and with the market being very competitive it is extremely important that we are as efficient as possible. With the solution implemented by Adonis, our processes are far simpler and we have significantly less paperwork to manage. This reduces our costs and provides us with a competitive advantage”, says Mehammer.

Tronds Marine Service AS has its origins in a very important and interesting part of the Norwegian maritime industry. They operate in coastal areas, often on short-term, demanding projects that require both high levels of technical expertise and excellent seamanship in very challenging environments.

“We are really looking forward to helping an experienced and loyal customer with their digital transformation strategy”, says Martin Kviteberg, systems specialist, and Adonis’ project manager for implementation at Tronds Marine. “The fact that employees can now log in to a portal to self-service and submit travel expenses means that they no longer have to manage lots of paper receipts which can get lost or damaged. Employees can also update their expenses reports as they travel saving significant amounts of time for each employee. Automated time capture of project hours and overtime has also removed many manual processes saving even more time. Overall, the project has been welcomed very positively by employees and management alike”, says Kviteberg.

The technical platform is very simple, with only a Panel PC for time registration installed on board. The employee registers his card every time they go to or from work. The rest of the solution is in the Adonis’ Cloud, which is based on Microsoft Azure.

Tronds Marine Services AS takes its name from Kristoffer Trondsen (Tronds) Rustung to Seim (ca. 1490) who originated in Kvinnherad and had a diverse maritime career. This led to him becoming Admiral and Commander-in-Chief of the Danish-Norwegian fleet, thus becoming the first Admiral in Norway. The company is part of the Meidell group, which is involved in a number of business areas. The main activity is fish farming through the company Alsaker Fjordbruk.

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