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Analysing Future Fuels Webinar: The Road to Decarbonisation

Environmental issues are still firmly on the agenda – and a 40 per cent intensity reduction by 2030 is only nine years away. In their final webinar of the year, leading bunker brokers LQM Petroleum Services will be exploring how the industry needs to adapt in order to comply with IMO 2030.

On November 12 at 01:00PM London time, Mark Williams, Managing Director of Shipping Strategy Ltd, will join LQM in answering the big questions the industry faces on decarbonisation.

You can register here.

The one-hour webinar will cover:

·      How does the industry get there and what are the main barriers?

·      What questions should fuel buyers and shipowners be asking their suppliers?

·      Which fuels offer the cheapest and quickest route to de-carbonisation?

·      Will the market be cornered by a few individuals, or will it be more open?

·      Will credit lines be able to cope?

LNG, Ammonia and Hydrogen get lots of attention because they potentially fit into the ‘one size fits all’ strategy in an industry where economies of scale are key,” LQM chief executive Daniel Rose explained. “But remember, these are ‘future fuels’ and widespread adoption isn’t expected until after 2030. The issue of decarbonisation still isn’t getting the coverage it deserves and LQM is focused on helping its customers with the practical implications of compliance by 2030.

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