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Cooperation Agreement between Piraeus Port Authority S.A. and Region of Attika – P.E. Piraeus and Islands

The Administration of PPA S.A. welcomed today the Governor of Attica Region Mr. Giorgos Patoulis and signed a Cooperation Agreement on the basis of the relevant Circulars of the Ministry of Health:

a) “Basic health requirements of the country’s ports- gateways for preparedness and response to the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus strain” and

b) “COVID-19 Cases Management Preparedness Guidelines on Cruise Ships”.

The two parties, among other things, agreed on the following:

1. The temporary concession by the PPA to the Region of Attica of three (3) office rooms in an area that belongs to PPA for use as public health facilities to the Region of Attica, in order to be used by the staff of the Region for the health supervision of the cruise operations in the port of Piraeus, as part of the measures against the COVID-19 pandemic.

2.  PPA shall be responsible for equipping these installations with the required logistical equipment, necessary for their proper function.

3. The Region of Attica undertakes the staffing with scientific personnel.

As the BoD Chairman of PPA S.A. Mr. Yu Zenggang stated: “This initiative, implemented in cooperation with the Region of Attica, is confirming once again that our main concern was and remains to ensure and protect the health of all visitors and employees in the port of Piraeus”.

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