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BIMCO encourages users to continue reporting during the pandemic

In May, BIMCO encouraged users of the Shipping-KPI system to continue reporting during the pandemic. This month the message is reiterated.

The ongoing crew change crisis is a testimony of the uncertain conditions the shipping industry currently faces. This is reflected in the activity on the Shipping-KPI platform:

  • Reported ships have nosedived in Q2
  • Pageviews have dwindled but are not reflecting 1:1 the decline in reported ships

As custodians of the Shipping-KPI system, BIMCO is encouraging users to continue reporting. The shared value of the Shipping-KPI cannot exceed the amount of data submitted by users. While there may be a substantial impact on internal benchmarking to historic data, the accuracy of external benchmarking increases if more users apply data quarterly.

In BIMCO Shipping-KPI version 4, users can at their own discretion include or exclude their own ships from the benchmarking criteria. In the benchmarking section of the platform, tick or untick the “Exclude my ships”- box depending on your preferences as illustrated below:

Source: BIMCO

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