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Oman bans the use of open loop scrubbers

Ships trading to Oman should be aware that the country has now banned the use of open-loop scrubbers in its territorial waters. This means that only closed-loop scrubbers (or hybrid scrubbers used in closed-loop mode) can be used. Washwater from scrubbers should not be discharged in Oman’s waters unless an approved private facility is used.

Our local correspondent Inchcape Shipping Services has advised that there is no set limit known for pollution fines due to discharge of scrubber washwater in Oman waters. The fines will be set on a case to case basis at the discretion of the Ministry of Environment & Climate Affairs and the respective port authority.  We have also been advised that if the authorities discover that the ship has not complied with these rules, then the ship may be detained.

Many thanks to our correspondent Inchcape Shipping Services for their assistance with this update.

Source: Standard Club