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ERMA FIRST announces the appointment of their new CTO, Dr. Stelios Kyriacou

ERMA FIRST is pleased to announce its new Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Stelios Kyriacou. Stelios is a senior maritime executive who brings a wealth of experience to the team, spanning 30 years on design, innovation and applied R&D.

He graduated from Hatfield Polytechnic in Mechanical Engineering and holds a MSc in Applied Mechanics and a PhD in Engineering Mechanics from Cranfield University.

Following a 10-year academic career at Cranfield University, Stelios has a strong background as he has held senior leadership positions in leading companies in the marine equipment sector such as HamworthyKSE, Hatlapa GmbH, Wärtsilä/Hamworthy Water Systems, and De Nora Water Technologies (USA) as an Engineering Manager, Engineering Director, Technical Director and General Manager respectively.

“I was drawn to ERMA FIRST’s service and expertise, and I am eager to be joining their team and further focus on quality and innovation through technical optimization. As CTO, my goal is the development of new products so as to expand the company’s portfolio and penetrate in new markets.” Stelios says.

ERMA FIRST aims in providing an exceptional service to its customers, and that begins with an exceptional team.

“We’re looking forward to this new chapter of our story and can’t wait to see what this opportunity will bring to our team. Stelios is an exceptional professional and person and we are very happy to have him onboard as our new CTO and to – with Stelios at the helm – be able to enhance our efforts towards our passion for developing cutting-edge technologies.”,

said Konstantinos Stampedakis, Managing Director at ERMA FIRST S.A. Stelios has also been a visiting professor at Cranfield University. He is a member of both National and European committees and industry associations with focus on maritime strategy, regulation and technology RD&I. He has been participating at IMO MEPC Ballast Water Working Group, IMarEST BWEG and Ballast Water Manufacturers Association (BEMA). Actively involved with European industry groups; he was chairman of EMEC-RID and a vice chairman of the Technical committee at SEA EUROPE, vice chairman of Waterborne TP and chaired the development WG for LeaderSHIP2020.