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Staying the course at sea with TNL’s DEIF bridge instrumentation

Reduce vessel fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions today, using propulsion and monitoring solutions under the quality of DEIF.

TNL Group has expanded their navigational equipment range with DEIF products, thus providing you with high-accuracy illuminated indicators based on patented microprocessor-controlled X-coil technology.

It is time that vessels shift from using analog indicators to CAN bus-based instrumentation. 

Flexible Display Indicator (XDi)
The DEIF Flexible Display Indicator (XDi) has been described as a “game changer” in bridge instrumentation and it is here to replace mechanical scales and pointers and takes the indicator performance to a whole new level.
? ? Watch the XDi introduction video for more here
DEIF wind sensors set a new standard in bridge indication
Simply combine your wind sensor with one or more of the XDi-N wind indicators to form the exact wind measuring system you need. The new XDi-N comes with a preinstalled standard wind indicator library containing a selection of virtual wind indicators to choose from. Available in three different physical sizes, the wind indicator series works perfectly with indicator sensors providing standard NMEA, being able to support analog wind sensor input as well.

Rudder angle solutions for all ship types

DEIF offers a full range of rudder angle indication systems covering both 4-20mA current loop system, +/-10V systems, and CAN systems. You can combine DEIF’s analog or CAN-based rudder angle transmitters (RTA/RTC) with display-based illuminated indicators (XDi) and create your very own, customized solution.
Digitally accurate, you can even calibrate one unit and broadcast automatically to all other units on board!
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