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Allseas Solitaire up and running offshore Israel

Solitaire  is up and running with pipelay on the Karish project offshore Israel after a successful 2.5-km pull-in at Dor (alongside the Allseas-installed Leviathan pipelines). Over the next few weeks, she will lay 90 km of export gas pipeline in water depths up to 1750 m, ending with a 100-tonne end structure (PLET). To ensure 24-hour production, she will be fed a continuous supply of some 7500 joints by our supply vessels AlegriaFelicity and Fortress during the project.

The Karish project:

  • Installation of 90-km gas export pipeline (starting as 30-inch and reducing to 24-inch after 12 km)
  • 2.5 km pull-in (partly through a casing), 2 dummy spools (for future manifold tie-in) and a 100 t PLET
  • Transportation of some 7500 pipe joints from Cyprus to installation vessel