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Odyssey – The cyber threat landscape is expanding

The broad adoption of remote working practices exposes organizations to a variety of novel cyber-threats and vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit to breach deeply, undetected and unhindered”.

The cyber-threat landscape is rapidly expanding due to the widening of organizations’ networks well beyond their cyber defense perimeters. Due to its inherent characteristics, remote working may undermine many of your security controls and measures in place, constituting your workforce to be heavily dependent on reliable connectivity and systems availability.
This disparity between existing security controls and the unaddressed exposures resulting from remote working creates a cybersecurity gap that exposes your organization to serious risk.
Safeguarding your organizational network’s resilience, as well as its valuable data, ultimately aims at protecting your operational viability and brand reputation.
Maintaining, therefore, your information security posture in optimal operational staterequires 24/7 vigilance in the form of intensive monitoring and analysis of log and event data generated by organizational assets.
Odyssey’s Managed Security Line of Services uniquely integrates the technologies, methodologies, skills and experience to help minimize the risk posed by today’s sophisticated threats, efficiently and cost-effectively.
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