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Hanseaticsoft sees rapid rise in digitalisation due to coronavirus

With almost two million confirmed cases of Covid-19 globally, the pandemic is having a substantial impact on our society.

But out of adversity also comes opportunity, comments Alexander Buchmann, Managing Director of Hanseaticsoft.

Working from home has become the new normal for most of us and many industries have quickly adjusted. Tech giants such as Microsoft[1] or Amazon reacted quickly and asked their employees to work remotely to minimize risks. But in an industry that is as traditional as shipping, this is causing a major shake-up.

As one of the leading providers of cloud-based management software for the maritime industry, Hanseaticsoft is in constant dialogue with shipping companies and witnessing this first-hand.

In recent years there has been an ongoing trend to modernise processes in the maritime sector, but there are still factors holding companies back. Basic tasks such as communicating with colleagues, handling tasks as a team, or simply having access to data have always been a problem but now these issues could pose a critical challenge. This is especially true for companies that are still heavily reliant on paperwork or legacy systems.

In some cases, even companies that have already “digitalised” are currently realising their technical solutions are not as sophisticated as they had hoped and offer only partial solutions to problems or are based on technologies that are already outdated. Integrating these solutions with existing systems and processes can be very complex, and in some cases impossible. In addition, the option to work remotely is often not available due to licensing or technical restrictions.

In order to operate efficiently in the current situation, access to accurate and up-to-date data is crucial and we see that shipping companies are aware of this. Now, more than ever, a system that is easy to implement, makes data centrally available and is usable regardless of the user’s location, is vital for continued success.

At Hanseaticsoft we are seeing a dramatic rise in the number of users of our cloud-based all in one management system, Cloud Fleet Manager. The number of requests for a demonstration of the software are also skyrocketing. Despite the challenging circumstances, it is encouraging to see that digitalisation is building momentum. In particular we are delighted to have received very positive feedback from our customers over the last few weeks on how our system is enabling people to work productively from home.

For anyone who has been considering switching to the cloud, now is the time to act. To ease the switch-over, Hanseaticsoft is currently offering a bundle of essential apps to help companies get started. Since the bundle works right out of the box and is completely web-based, the system can be up and running in a matter of days.

Even though many industries, and particularly maritime, have been faced with challenges, the last few weeks have proven that it is possible to rethink processes and to modernise. It is great to see this drive in the industry, the continued digitalisation, and the pace at which new technologies are being adopted and we are happy to support any shipping or ship management company currently looking for ways to innovate their processes.


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