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NetU – Why a CRM software is your greatest ally in increasing customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is probably one of the most important factors determining the success of a business and CRM software is an important tool for achieving it.

When we think about CRM software, we often consider the greatest benefit to be that of helping you attract new customers, and while that is important, using CRM software to boost customer loyalty is perhaps the most vital aspect of all. Loyal customers are incredibly valuable for a number of reasons.

Why loyal customers are the best customers to have

A loyal customer will of course return, so you have that benefit of repeat business. Most people, once they have found a retailer, product or service provider that they like, will stick with it. Why change when you know you’re going to get what you want?

But in addition, a loyal customer becomes an ambassador for your brand. Keep that customer happy and they will be recommending your product or service to their friends, relatives, colleagues. Of course, these days, this goes further. A recommendation on a forum or Facebook group can reach thousands of people, and it’s these personal recommendations that people put faith in. In essence, one personal recommendation on a far-reaching forum can be more valuable than an expensive advertising campaign, because of its unsolicited and totally genuine nature.

How CRM software helps build customer loyalty

Good CRM software gives you the capability to increase customer loyalty and here are some of the ways in which this works…

The collected data gives you insightful knowledge

Your CRM software will gather a lot of data, and perhaps more importantly, it will help you to make sense of it and use it to your advantage to improve the customer experience for every visitor. Over time you’ll get to know your customers purchasing habits so you can act accordingly with relevant offers sent at appropriate times.

It helps you to keep connected with customers

CRM software enables you to send personalised communications, so you can offer those little extra touches such as a discount on the customer’s birthday along with a Happy Birthday message. These little gestures can go a long way.

You can easily gather feedback

Sometimes it’s useful to find out exactly what customers’ needs are by asking them, and CRM software makes it easy to automate polls and surveys to gather the information you need in a timely manner.

You can reward loyalty

Rewarding loyalty, will bring even greater loyalty from your customers. With CRM software you can run a loyalty program to further encourage customers to use your services with perks offered to returning customers.

Choose the right CRM software

It’s important to choose the right CRM solution that will help you with all the above to increase customer loyalty. NetU recommend Salesforce, the world’s number one CRM software that’s totally scalable and suitable for all sizes of business. NetU is the only provider of Salesforce CRM solutions in Greece and Cyprus. Get in touch to find out how NetU and Salesforce can help to transform your business.

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