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Ioannis Patiniotis – The Patriots Greek Ship-Owners

For those of us in Greece that we call them thieves or, at best, privileged citizens with tax-free income, as President of Independent Committee of Maritime Experts of “EKO Naftilias”, it is good opportunity to announce the real truth and to answer the question:

Are they Patriots or Not?

All of them, ship-owners either of vessels with Greek or foreign flags in Greece, during the last financial crisis, voluntarily decided to:

a) Offer donations and humanitarian aid through their charities worth millions of Euros

b) Charge and pay in double, vessels’ tonnage tax for all of their vessels, regardless of their flag.

c) They decided, beyond and above the law, to accept the continuation of annual charging tonnage tax for all of their vessels, regardless of their flag or financial results.

d) They voluntarily decided, with a secured amount to the Greek Government, to be taxed on any imported amount, which will be declared as income one from ship-ownership. This mutual decided tax rate is double to the tax rate which today is payable by shareholders of Greek industry.

e) All these amounts are secured and payable to Greek Government, regardless of the negative financial impacts in shipping, due to current coronavirus crisis.

f) In recent months, another important event took place. Greek Maritime Community proved its love for the Homeland in practice. They made important decisions, and like older Great National Benefactors have done, they donated to the National Defense, various types of ships and speed boats fully equipped, for better and safe guarded of both national and European sea borders.

g) Last but not least, in addition of last week offers in cash, sanitary supplies and hospital equipments, donations which coming from known traditional families of shipping, they managed to gather within few days, the amount of 10 million Euros, in order to help our fellowman beings in their fight against coronavirus, and they continue simply and quietly.

Respect to Greek Ship-Owners

Ioannis Patiniotis, President of BoD of the Hellenic Association of Maritime Economists (ENOE)

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