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Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry – Two Years successful operation aiming for more tangible results

In view also of the recent official commencement of the new Deputy Ministry for Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber welcomes the completion of two years since the establishment of the Shipping Deputy Ministry, on 1 March 2018, whilst observing with satisfaction the successful operation of the Deputy Ministry, so far.

Whilst becoming now necessary to urgently finalise the ongoing effort to adequately staff the Shipping Ministry, as well as to implement an integrated “National Shipping Strategy” in order to meet with satisfaction the ever-increasing demands of the 11th Internationally and 3rd in Europe Register, it is positively noted that during the past two years, the Shipping Deputy Ministry has progressed with the implementation of new supportive measures and flexible mechanisms, in cooperation with the Shipping Industry, to further upgrading the image of Cyprus as one of the most significant Shipping centers worldwide. An excellent example, is the reapproval of the specialised Cyprus Shipping Taxation System by the European Union recently, which is very important for the Cyprus Economy, ensuring thereby the sustainability of the Cyprus Shipping Industry for the next at least ten years, which operates and competes daily on a worldwide basis.

Taking this opportunity, the Shipping Chamber expresses its willingness to an even closer cooperation with the Shipping Deputy Ministry, for the further growth of Cyprus Shipping, aiming for even more tangible results.

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