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GreenSteam rolls out vessel optimisation software across Greek market

GreenSteam’s platform gathers all performance data already obtained from a vessel and uses machine learning to analyse and provide accurate insights. Image courtesy of GreenSteam.

GreenSteam, developers of machine learning based vessel performance optimisation software, has partnered with Intra Mare, an international marine sales and naval architect organisation promoting marine equipment makers, to roll out its machine learning platform across the Greek maritime market.

Under the partnership, Intra Mare will represent GreenSteam in Greece. The Greek shipping market recently announced its preference for shared accountability for vessel emissions for owners, operators and charterers when it comes to carbon reduction strategies.

GreenSteam’s machine learning platform uses all available data to accurately measure each component of vessel fuel consumption, transforming complexity into simple, clear and accurate vessel performance metrics. This analysis is used to optimise vessel performance and ultimately save costs and reduce GHG emissions for operators.

“GreenSteam’s vessel optimisation services enable us to champion the latest technology that will support our vision for the future, working in tandem with the interests of the Greek market. This includes upholding maritime tradition while keeping Greek companies operating competitively and efficiently,” said George Gerassimou, managing director at Intra Mare.

“Environmental sustainability has never been more relevant and is directly tied to commercial success. GreenSteam sets up a virtuous cycle of saving fuel costs while also operating in a more environmentally sustainable way.”

Simon Whitford, COO at GreenSteam, commented: “As we enter the new decade, the shipping industry is taking action to reduce their emissions in a way that also cuts fuel costs. GreenSteam offers a machine learning platform that offers shipowners and operators a capex and downtime free way to enjoy high payback fuel reductions and embrace the future of vessel performance optimisation.

“By working with Intra Mare Greek shipowners have easy access to our technology and first class support. Intra Mare have an excellent reputation in this market, and we look forward to working with them.”

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