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Maersk Tankers improves parental leave worldwide

Prakash Thangachan, Chief Human Resources Officer
Prakash Thangachan, Chief Human Resources Officer

To give new parents additional support and to increase retention of employees following childbirth or adoption, Maersk Tankers introduces a new parental leave policy that improves benefits for parents worldwide.

The new parental leave policy gives new fathers four weeks’ paid paternity leave, which is offered to onshore employees across all locations. This means Maersk Tankers is increasing paternity leave by two weeks in Denmark, Singapore and the US, and by three weeks in Romania and India. The four weeks are earmarked for fathers and must be taken during the first year after the child is born, in line with local workforce regulations. Encouraging new fathers to take more leave will support families after childbirth or adoption, and at the same time, contribute to a more equal distribution of leave between mothers and fathers. In the long-term, increasing parental leave is contributing towards the goal of a more gender balanced workforce.

“We want to provide a work environment that ensures well-being and in which employees can realise their full potential; this includes giving them the flexibility needed to fulfil their roles as both employees and parents,” says Prakash Thangachan, Chief Human Resources Officer at Maersk Tankers. “We are introducing this new policy to give new parents additional support, allowing them to focus fully on the well-being of their family after the child is born. As a company, we fully support and encourage fathers in taking their full leave.”

The company is also introducing a global programme to support new parents before, during and after leave. The programme sets a structured framework around the support employees can expect from Maersk Tankers. Employees can further make use of the programme to get guidance on, for instance, how to combine work and private life.

“We believe our support to parents will contribute to the increased attraction and retention of employees, a more gender balanced workforce, and access to wider talent pools, which will ultimately lead to sustainable long-term business results for Maersk Tankers,” says Prakash Thangachan.

Maersk Tankers already offers a Return To Work programme which gives onshore employees returning from parental leave of more than 18 weeks the opportunity to work 20% fewer hours at full contractual pay for up to 26 weeks. This programme can be used during the first year after childbirth or adoption. This phased return allows employees an easier transition back to work and contributes to increased employee retention.

The new parental leave policy will apply to all parents to children born after 1 January 2020. It will support a new EU directive, which, when implemented, introduces minimum standards for paternity leave through ensuring earmarked parental leave for men.

Source: Maersk Tankers

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