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What is BIMCO thinking about 2020?

“We foresee increasing pressure from large charterers, driven by environmental concerns of investors and shareholders, for owners to agree clauses that oblige them to comply with corporate carbon reduction policies.”
– From Low carbon economy drives contract development, by Grant Hunter

“Transition to increasingly higher hydrogen content fuel is likely to replace the current dependence on oil.”
– From Air pollution agenda to continue, by Lars Robert Pedersen

“In 2020, BIMCO will continue to press Nigeria and the international community to act decisively against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. The problem could, in my view, easily be solved if Nigeria and international partners could agree to make a serious effort.”
– From Three major maritime security threats in 2020, by Jakob P. Larsen

Read all the Reflections 2020 (pdf).

Source: maritimes.gr

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