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Brand new £650million cruise ship MSC Grandiosa crashes into pier as it comes in to dock in Italy

The brand new MSC GRANDIOSA- which only set sail on its maiden voyage last month – pranged against the wall as it approached the docks at Palermo on the Italian island of Sicily. The accident took place at around 8.30 in the morning according to Maritime Bulletin.In a video of the crash, the enormous 181,541 tonne vessel was seen trying to dock next to the pier. The ship initially appeared to be in position. But instead of stopping, the vessel continued to turn until the rear of the ship scraped across the wall of the dock. Part of the wall crumbled on impact, with a huge dent left where the ship had crashed into it. The crash left the £650million vessel with visible damages to its hul It’s not clear whether the crash breached the hull, but the ship later docked without incident. The brand new ship came into contact with the wall Sonny Cop was onboard at the time. She said: “Knew that something happened,

but didn’t think it was this.” Scott Barrish said: “Well that new car smell and paint job didn’t last long.” It is understood the crash happened during high winds, which can affect big and small ships. MSC GRANDIOSA is the second largest ship in the world in terms of capacity. It has enough room for 6,761 passengers and offers £1,099, 11-day cruises around the Mediterranean that also stops in Lisbon, Barcelona, Marseille. The luxury vessel boasts cabins with their own hot tubs and there is a spa and numerous shops. The on-board entertainment includes Cirque de Soleil shows.

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