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KR signs MoU with National Technical University of Athens to share specialist software

The Korean Register has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the National Technical University of Athens, agreeing to share specialist technology and software with the students of the School Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering.

The agreement was coordinated with the assistance of Ambassador Soo-suk Lim, Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Hellenic Republic and is part of wider ongoing cooperation and exchange of maritime technology between Greece and South Korea.

Under the agreement, KR will supply NTUA students with its award-winning software free of charge, including SeaTrust-HullScan which follows KR’s high standards and is designed to analyze the structural strength of a ship in line with KR’s Rules and the harmonized CSR.  KR is also sharing KR-CON, a bespoke software database of all the International Maritime Organization convention documents, together with full training on both software packages.

“We are pleased to share our technology and expertise with the students and researchers at NTUA.  They are likely to use KR’s software programmes when they enter maritime business in the future, but now it will be more familiar to them and will strongly support their studies and research processes in the interim”, said the head of KR’s Europe headquarters, Joo-sung Park.

The NTUA is one of the oldest higher education institutions of Greece and the most prestigious among engineering schools, used to building collaborative relationships with industry. KR’s SeaTrust-HullScan software is widely used in Korean-based shipyards, research institutes and design companies and has been shared with more than 22 universities worldwide since its launch in 2012.

KR-CON is a software database that provides a vast amount of accessible information on IMO convention documents.  It is already widely used across the maritime industry because it provides easy access to the IMO conventions, codes, resolutions and circulars in just a few clicks.

KR’s European headquarters is in Athens, the office oversees 18 branches across Europe and Africa, providing a range of classification technical services to the local shipping industry.

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