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Ocean Network Express chooses TPS Valparaíso to officially launch globally its XVELA collaborative platform

Ocean Network Express (ONE) chose its subregional office in Chile and the TPS Valparaíso terminal for the official launch of the innovative XVELA collaborative platform that offers a single display source during the complete rotation of the ship. The platform will allow the terminals to observe the condition of arrival of the ship in advance and therefore implement a better preparation for loading and unloading operations. In turn, the operating line (ONE) will have visualization of the shipping and unloading operations in real time during the stay of the ship in port.

That is why, XVELA technical personnel moved to the subregional office of Chile, in Santiago, to conduct a workshop, which began on Tuesday, July 30 and includes training in the deployment and monitoring of crane work. They attend the personal instance of stowage and vessel planners based on the subregion of Santiago de Chile.

From ONE they indicated that the main objective of the project is to make possible the collaboration, through the XVELA platform between terminals and shipping lines and pointed out that “ the exchange of data and communication will be carried out on the platform and will be stored by the landing port, this instead of the current process that involves a high volume of e-mail exchange . ” In addition, they explained that the data / files that will be shared on the platform do not differ from those currently shared such as baplie files, movins, stowage plans and, where possible, crane data.

According to ONE, on time for the terminals to be part of this shared platform, will allow them to handle advance information on the condition of arrival of the ships, as well as the stability of these and the results of the efforts of lashings, if the ship It has the Macs3 system on board.

As Ocean Network Express We believe that having this visibility will facilitate the preparation of loading and unloading operations by reducing the stay in port and therefore optimizing fuel consumption , ” they said.

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