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A new partnership between ISWAN and ShipMoney

International maritime payment solutions provider ShipMoney is delighted to announce the launch of a new initiative: ShipMoney Cares.

The initiative will launch on November 18th at the Crew Connect conference in Manila and will be available to seafarers and their families–including parents, spouses, children, and siblings–who can demonstrate that they or their family are experiencing some form of hardship that impacts their livelihood or income. ShipMoney Cares will be managed by ISWAN and is designed to provide one-time financial grants to seafarers in need, which could include medical or educational support. ShipMoney along with its strategic remittance partners will make a sizable annual donation to the program.  There is a maximum grant of $500 and seafarers can apply once a year.

Stuart Ostrow, President of ShipMoney stated “We are very excited about this initiative. As a company, it’s very important that we give back to the community that supports us.  It’s ingrained in our ethos and as one of our core values states ‘It’s always about the crew’.  They work for our clients and we work for them.  Together with ISWAN, we will be able to make a real difference in the lives of seafarers who need a helping hand. Once we get this rolling, we will be engaging with our clients, vendors, strategic partners and seafarers to participate alongside us.”

Caitlin Vaughan, Project Manager at ISWAN, said: “This initiative will provide a welcome safety net for seafarers in the Philippines. It differs from our other welfare funds because it is for basic individual grants of $50 – $500. Seafarers, or their family members, in need of an urgent small grant will receive a ShipMoney prepaid card allowing autonomy as to how the money is used to best alleviate their hardship.

Source: nafs green.gr

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