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Tototheo Maritime Greece – Presentation of a new Digital Control Room solution

Converting Your Operational Data into Real Business 

Digital Control Room unlocks the potential of converting any company’s operational data to real business value, automating and placing you in control of your data collection and processing providing high end analysis and compliance with International, Regional and National Rules and Regulations.


It seamlessly connects the ship’s crew with the office and allows the shore-based staff to perform analytics and statistics across a number of parameters relating to one ship or a whole fleet.

Daily Operational Reporting

Established critical data validations are complemented by data obtained from other independent sources or even directly from available onboard equipment. A comprehensive summary of each extended daily operational report is a vital feature of the DCR to assist the crew running the ship in the most efficient way and allowing shore-based superintendents to assess the performance of the vessel on a day to day basis.

Near-Real Time Monitoring

DCR enriches the daily operational data with near-real time vessel tracking and meteorological data, thus providing crew onboard (as well as personnel ashore) with complete and accurate insights on vessel’s actual performance, taking into account the prevailing conditions at vessel’s current position and route.

Advanced Voyage Analysis

Data visualisations and reports, designed to provide a comprehensive overview of vessel’s status, operational and environmental performance on a per voyage basis as well as over any defined time period.

Regulatory Compliance

Ground-breaking approach for simultaneous regulatory compliance with the EU MRV and IMO DCS regulatory requirements: The continuous pre-verification of reported data, on an ongoing basis within the DCR MRV module.

Video source: maritimes.gr


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