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Wan Hai India Delhi Branch held a grand opening reception

Speech by Ambassador Baushuan Ger of Taipei Economic

Aiming to improve the efficiency and quality of customer service, Wan Hai Lines established a non-port office in India for the first time in view of the huge domestic demand in the Indian inland, declaring its determination to deepen the Indian market. According to the 2023 Foreign Trade Policy announced by the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India’s export trade volume will reach 2 trillion US dollars in 2030. Therefore, benefiting from government policy incentives and the shifting trend of the global supply chain, India’s status in global manufacturing and international trade is increasing, which is conducive to maintaining long-term high economic growth. And the proportion of global exports has increased significantly. In addition, the continuous economic stimulus policy will help revitalize the domestic economy, and domestic demand is expected to increase significantly. Therefore, Wan Hai is optimistic about India’s future import and export situation. Wan Hai India Delhi Branch held a grand opening reception at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the evening of 19th May. During the banquet, there were many important customers & guests. Ambassador Baushuan Ger of Taipei Economic and Cultural Center and Independent Director, Ambassador Wen-Chyi Ong & senior executives from Formosa Plastics Group, a major VIP customer from Taiwan, were also invited to participate in the event. Ambassador Ger expressed his appreciation for Wan Hai’s promotion of bilateral trade between Taiwan and India, and also hoped that Wan Hai could continue to flourish in India. On behalf of the Formosa Plastics Corporation, Ambassador Ong expressed gratitude to Wan Hai for his long-term support. Formosa Plastics and Wan Hai have a long-term close cooperative relationship and look forward to growing together. At present, Wan Hai has five owned offices in India, namely Mumbai, Chennai, Mundra, and Vizag, and the fifth office Delhi office. It is expected to pursue customer first through continuous expansion in the future and sustainable business philosophy.

Wan Hai India Delhi Opening Reception
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