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Seably wins the prestigious SMART4SEA Training Award

SMART4SEA Training Award 2023

Seably, the leading digital platform for the maritime industry, has been recognised with the SMART4SEA Training Award for its groundbreaking collaboration with DNV. The accolade recognises Seably’s role in pioneering and partnering with DNV to create and be the first to hold the DNV SeaSkill standard ST-0595*. This certification is now widely available to all platform providers within the industry and is an important advancement for the benchmarking and standardisation of digital training platforms within the maritime industry.

SMART4SEA Training Award 2023

“The SAFETY4SEA’s award is a prestigious accolade and a great honour for Seably to receive. We are delighted to be recognised for our commitment to providing innovative solutions and inspiring collaboration in the maritime industry. Over the last few years, the maritime training environment has improved dramatically, using technology to offer better learning experiences and allowing individual content providers to share their expertise. We believe that as this area expands, it is imperative that quality and standards for non-mandatory training are in place to protect the learners taking the courses. That is why we pioneered the certification with DNV and why we are proud to have raised the bar for our sector and be the ONLY digital maritime training platform to hold the DNV SeaSkill™ award”, says Andrea Lodolo, CEO of Seably.

Andrea Lodolo, CEO Seably

DNV’s SeaSkill standard ST-0595 will ensure training platforms have robust course management systems in place and provide good quality training for seafarers ensuring they are safer, more productive and benefit from better career prospects. Moreover, DNV ST-0595 defines strict criteria for digital training platforms to ensure the quality of training organisations, their products, and the security of the information they hold. It also covers the provision of training simulators, assessments and the certification of learners on behalf of the training organisations, as well as content development and learning consultancy.

SMART4SEA Training Virtual Award is awarded to organisations that significantly contributed to maritime industry training, fostering smart excellence and sustainable shipping.

* The standard’s certification framework aims to ensure the quality of the training platforms, as well as their learning products and operation. It was developed in cooperation with Seably as a pilot customer.

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