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Doosan Chairman Park sees growth opportunities in SMR and Hydrogen

Doosan Group Chairman Park Jeong-won

Doosan Group is better prepared in the nuclear power plant and hydrogen sectors than any other company in the world, the group’s chairman said in his New Year’s message to employees on Jan. 1.

“Although a tougher business environment is expected in 2023, let’s look for growth opportunities in the nuclear power plant and hydrogen industries with strong confidence as we are well-prepared,” Doosan Group chairman Park Jeong-won said.

“A time when everyone shrinks is an opportunity for those who are prepared,” Park said. “Let’s have confidence in the fact that we are ready for the future thanks to our financial strength, business experience and technological advantage in areas where more opportunities are expected, advanced technology and products in future growth driver businesses and experience in driving growth through innovation.”

Park noted that anticipation for nuclear power and hydrogen are growing in the energy sector due to energy supply conditions and changes in energy policies in countries around the world. “Let’s maintain our business experience and develop our technological edges with the confidence that we are ahead of anyone else in the field where opportunities are expected to increase,” Park added. “It is difficult to find a company that has an entire value chain in the small modular reactor and hydrogen sectors as good as ours.”

Park evaluated that Doosan Group also has world-class competitiveness in new business domains such as collaborative robots, hydrogen drones and 3D printing. He expressed expectations for the semiconductor business where a Doosan Group affiliate aims to become a world-class rear-end process company and the gas turbine and hydrogen turbine businesses where Doosan is advancing technologies for its entire product lineup.

Source: BusinessKorea

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