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The Astrocast Satellite IoT Network grew to 14 Commercial Satellites in Space

Image source: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

 Astrocast  launched four Astrocast 3U spacecraft aboard India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle mission with Spaceflight. This mission took place in Sriharikota, India’s Satish Dhawan Space Center, carrying the Astrocast spacecraft as a co-passenger to sun-synchronous orbit (SSO) along with the Indian national primary satellite.

This launch means yet another milestone accomplished for the Astrocast nanosatellite IoT network, now consisting of a commercial constellation of 14 satellites in space, making Astrocast one of the TOP 40 satellite operators by the number of satellites in orbit. These additional satellites also improve the capacity and reliability of our network, which provides direct-to-satellite and highly secured connectivity to customers around the globe.

The Astrocast network went live in January 2021 with the launch of 5 nanosatellites that were commissioned to serve our commercial customers. Later in June 2021, another 5 satellites were successfully deployed on the SXRS-5 Spaceflight mission onboard SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Working towards deploying our full constellation by 2025, the Astrocast Satellite IoT Service was commercially announced in February 2022, and it offers a Cost-effective, Bidirectional, and Comprehensive service to tackle global IoT connectivity challenges in remote areas of the world.

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