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Bachelor thesis in co-operation with Teknotherm wins the Energy price

Two students from the University of Western Norway (Høgskulen på Vestlandet) have during the past year worked on a bachelor thesis in co-operation with our HVAC-department in Bergen.
Recently, it was award time at the university, and “our” students Ola Rønnekleiv Helgaas and Vegar Bauge were awarded at this price ceremony.

We took a quick chat with Ola Rønnekleiv Helgaas and asked him to tell us about the background for the thesis:

First of all, Ola what was the topic for your thesis?
– The main topic was modelling of energy recovery on board Havila Kystruten. The thesis looked into the energy recovery system on board, and we implemented parameters like sailing route, outdoor temperature, impacts and capacities into a system model to estimate energy savings for one year. The thesis concluded with an estimate of 95.680 kWh during a year.

How was your experience working together with Teknotherm?
– Working with Teknotherm was a very positive experience for both of us. We had weekly visits to the office at Kokstadflaten where we received useful input to the thesis. The fact that we were regularly physically present gave us a continuity in our work that we otherwise might not have got. It was also very instructive to have to work out something that was according to Teknotherm’s wish.

Finally, which prize did you win?
– We won the energy price! This is a prize that is awarded annually by a jury from NEMITEK in collaboration with the university. NEMITEK is a trade association for heating, ventilation, sanitation, energy and environmental engineering, and our assignment was voted as the best within these subjects.

Congratulations to Ola and Vegar and thanks for the co-operation.
And we wish you good luck with future studies!

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