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Port IT has launched a new version of its Vanir Endpoint Security suite

According to Port-IT’s CEO Youri Hart, the latest version is the biggest release done by the company.

Port-IT Vanir is an all-in-one security suite tailored to the maritime market. Vanir integrates several Port-IT services and products into a single solution that is capable of tackling all cybersecurity threats the shipping industry faces today. Vanir is a service designed for VSAT or GX capable vessels.

“It enables customers to receive feedback on all cybersecurity services used via a single unique onboard interface; showing a true synergy between the products. This is not seen in the industry so far and really is a major step in protecting ships,” explained CEO Youri Hart.

“Besides the whole new user interface and service integration, the biggest news is that we have introduced a new service and a long-standing client wish: Patch Management. With this feature we can remotely update our Endpoint Security Suite to newer versions without the need for customer interaction. And at the same time, it gives our customers the capability to update their own applications, e.g.Winzip.

“Although Patch Management is not directly a security feature, it does help in preventing malicious attacks in programs that have known issues. We first scouted the market for already existing Patch Management applications, but those were costly and would raise the license price for customers significantly. By developing our own Patch Management feature, we can integrate it as a service in our full product line-up, making it available via a single dashboard. And equally important we avoid passing on the higher costs to our customers.”

Extended support and alerting

Alerting is one feature within the Vanir Endpoint Security Suite. This feature allows customers to receive notifications, for example on malicious activity or newly installed software. As mobile devices are used more and more frequently and the ships’ security teams need to stay ahead of serious detections, Port-IT has extended its support to Apple IOS devices as well. Customers can receive push messages on their mobile phone or Apple Watch, notifying them of a high-risk alert on one of their vessels.

The Vanir Endpoint Security Suite focusses on bringing high level security onboard of vessels, and at the same time enables shipowners to be compliant with IMO regulations.

Port-IT also provides 24/7 active security monitoring via its security operations centre.

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