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DNV and Becht partner to provide online fitness-for-service software with Synergi Plant

Unplanned shutdowns for process plants can be disruptive and costly, with loss of production and mechanical integrity challenges. Fitness-for-service assessment helps plant operators determine if the equipment is safe for continuous service and guides critical run-replacement-repair decisions.

DNV’s Synergi Plant software, for integrity management and maintenance of petrochemical plants, refineries and processing plants, is integrating a state-of-the-art online fitness-for-service (FFS) solution after an agreement between DNV and Becht. The FFS tool is developed by the engineering solutions provider Becht, headquartered in the US.

The partnership gives DNV’s customer using Synergi Plant a powerful platform for evaluating the state of a wide range of equipment, helping prevent costly unplanned outages and increasing operational availability and reliability. Assessments from the web-based tool provide recommendations on removing or replacing flawed components from service, or if operations can safely continue. The methodology is based on the industry recognized standard API 579.

Complete solution from one vendor

The agreement between DNV and Becht was completed earlier this year. DNV is now a reseller of the software licence for the FFS tool, meaning customers can purchase DNV’s asset integrity management solution integrated with Becht’s FFS tool from one vendor, DNV.

“We are excited about the partnership with Becht, and the inclusion of their market-leading online FFS tool,” says Koheila Molazemi, Plant Product Line Director at Digital Solutions in DNV. “DNV offers a comprehensive engineering analysis solution in Synergi Plant, including risk-based inspection, an inspection data management system and now fitness-for-service,” she says.

Solving industry’s toughest challenges

Chuck Becht - Vice President of Becht
Chuck Becht V, President of Becht

“Becht has focused on holistic collaboration across multiple disciplines, seeing this as the key to solving industry’s toughest challenges,” says Chuck Becht V, President of Becht. “The partnership with DNV to integrate Becht FFS within Synergi Plant is a natural extension of our approach to breaking down silos and integrating offerings. We look forward to our shared client base having access to this critical solution for integrity issues in early 2023,” he says.

“Synergi Plant acts as a single source of truth for integrity management databases,” says Simon Wong, Product Manager for DNV’s Synergi Plant. “Our users will benefit from higher consistency and from minimizing errors that occur during sharing of data between different tools,” he says.

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