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OneLearn Global provided powerful digitalisation solution for managers with launch of new Seafarer Evaluation App

OneLearn Global's SEA Certificate

OneLearn Global, a full-services learning technology, content, and services provider, announces the launch of its Seafarer Evaluation App , an all-in-one digital evaluation solution enabling organizations to gather all the information and evaluate the competencies of a seafarer in a single location.

SEA comprises two distinct tools: CompetenSEA, designed to thoroughly evaluate the knowledge and competencies of seafarers, and define their suitability for a particular position; and FluenSEA, designed to evaluate the knowledge of seafarers in maritime English.

With SEA, organizations can easily generate reports that summarise candidates’ competencies, measure seafarers against industry standards, produce certificates for each seafarer, customise the assessments, and gain a more comprehensive view of the knowledge base of their workforce.

“OneLearn Global’s Seafarer Evaluation App (SEA) gives forward-thinking managers a powerful tool to measure the competency of their workforce, and to ensure that seafarers have the knowledge and training to do their job,” said OneLearn Global CEO, Abhinava (Abhi) S. Narayana. “Skilled and knowledgeable seafarers are the future of the maritime industry.”

OneLearn Global’s Seafarer Evaluation App (SEA) 

CompetenSEA can also be used for pre-hiring decisions to shortlist ideal candidates for a position. In doing so, organizations can shorten and simplify their hiring processes, and thereon to their time-to-competency. CompetenSEA can also be used for continuous training and development by regularly measuring competency levels of an individual, allowing organizations to identify and highlight strengths and weaknesses of every individual. Each assessment draws on a pool of 6,000 questions covering various Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) knowledge areas to create a unique test relevant to a candidate’s type of vessel, department, and rank. While the solution comes pre-packaged with questions, organizations can also add in any custom question banks and administer any assessments they desire.

FluenSEA provides organizations with a tool to benchmark seafarers’ maritime English levels. It is a key tool to ensure effective communication among multinational crews and shore teams. Each assessment targets knowledge areas including grammar, listening, reading, and vocabulary, drawing from a pool of 1,200 questions.

Headquartered in Cyprus, OneLearn Global provides digital training solutions to serve the maritime, energy, hospitality and industrial sectors and offers a rapidly growing content library via an enormously effective and intuitive next-gen Learning Management System (LMS), designed to deliver both an enhanced and engaging, yet personalised and intuitive, enjoyable learning experience through digitalisation.

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