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Korean Gov’t unveils Hydrogen Technology R&D Blueprint

The Korean government has released a new hydrogen technology R&D strategy.

The Ministry of Science and ICT released a new hydrogen technology R&D strategy on Nov. 9, which is made up of domestic development of clean hydrogen production technologies, advancement of hydrogen storage and transport technologies, and further hydrogen utilization in industries.

The top-priority task in the domestic development is related to further development of different techniques. At present, alkaline water electrolysis and PEM water electrolysis are the most developed water electrolysis-based hydrogen production techniques in South Korea, and the ministry is planning to concentrate on the two.

According to the ministry, South Korea’s current reliance on foreign water electrolysis technologies is approximately 40 percent and it is aiming to reduce it to zero by 2030. It is planning to work at the same time on more advanced forms such as SOEC and AEM water electrolysis.

Regarding the storage and transport, the ministry will work on hydrogen extraction from ammonia for long-distance hydrogen transport. Hydrogen storage and transport can be carried out after the phase of the hydrogen is changed from gas to liquid. Ammonia is more easily liquefied than hydrogen and is 170 percent of liquid hydrogen in density. In short, more hydrogen can be contained in the same tank by filling it with liquid ammonia than by filling it with liquid hydrogen. This is why ammonia is drawing attention as a next-generation hydrogen carrier.

As for the utilization part, the ministry is planning to develop larger and more durable hydrogen fuel cells as more ships, trains and planes are expected to use hydrogen as fuel. At present, domestically developed hydrogen trucks retain their initial performance until 160,000 kilometers. The ministry is aiming to extend it to at least 800,000 by 2030.

Source: BusinessKorea

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