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RED III: EU shipowners call for fuel supply requirements to align with FuelEU

As the trilogue negotiations on the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED III) are progressing, ECSA calls on the Parliament and the Council to ensure that the requirements on fuel suppliers in RED III match the requirements placed on shipowners by FuelEU Maritime. This is crucial to ensure that sufficient quantities of alternative marine fuels are made available on the market at an affordable price.

In particular, European shipowners support:

  • The inclusion of a sub-target for biofuels, biogas and RFNBOs for the maritime sector for fuel suppliers to produce the types of fuels in the volumes needed to decarbonise the shipping sector.
  • The existing multiplier of 1.2 for specific fuels supplied to the maritime sector, as already included in RED II.

Read more on ECSA’s position on FuelEU Maritime:

  • ECSA press release on European Parliament position on FuelEU  (link)
  • Joint Statement of ECSA and T&E on FuelEU Maritime (link)
  • Joint Statement of ECSA, EWABA, eFuel Alliance, the Advanced Biofuels Coalition and GoodFuels on FuelEU Maritime (link)
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