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LG Display develops world’s first stretchable display

A stretchable display developed by LG Display

LG Display has entered the commercialization stage of stretchable displays that can be freely stretched, folded and twisted, the company announced on Nov. 8.

The company unveiled a prototype with a 12-inch screen that can be stretched to 14 inches, and is capable of a simultaneous expression of all colors, and offers a resolution of 100ppi.

It developed the display with support from the Korean government, as the development of a stretchable display has been designated as a national project.

The stretchable display is made of a special silicone material. A film-type substrate with strong elasticity boosts its flexibility a great deal. In addition, it uses a micro light emitting diode (LED) light source of less than 40 μm, which offers strong durability and prevents the image quality from deteriorating even from external shocks.

The stretchable display is thin and light, and can adhere to uneven surfaces. Therefore, it is expected to be widely used in various industries such as wearables, mobility, smart devices, gaming, and fashion.

LG Display is planning to further improve the quality of the equipment and materials used to produce stretchable displays by 2024 when the state-sponsored project is completed.

Source: BusinessKorea

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