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MOL and MOL Drybulk complete core systems modernisation to power Digital Transformation

Overview and the scope of the core systems modernization (bordered in orange)

MOL and MOL Drybulk announced that they completed the replacement of their current core systems for ship operations, fuel procurement, finance, and accounting with a variety of cutting-edge cloud-based business application software (SaaS: Software as a Service) that they adopted in April this year. (Note 1)

This time, MOL and MOL Drybulk incorporated SaaS to pursue the Fit-to-Standard approach (a technique for adapting operations to the systems) after thoroughly evaluating and standardizing the processes for the operations covered by the systems.
MOL positioned digital transformation (DX) as the foundation to enable its business strategies (portfolio strategy, environmental strategy, and regional strategy) and initiatives to enhance organizational strength while implementing workstyle reforms in its fiscal 2022 management plan, “Rolling Plan 2022.”

MOL and MOL Drybulk will accelerate efforts to use digital technology to address various social and general management issues, such as addressing GHG emissions by sharing accumulated vessel and operational data, while leveraging the renewal of the core systems as a cornerstone to further promote DX initiatives. Additionally, the two companies will advance the thorough standardization of operations implemented this time to promote business structure reforms.

(Note 1) Veson Nautical’s “Veson IMOS Platform” is adopted for ship operations (charter contract management, ship operation management, fuel management, income/expense management, etc.), ZeroNorth Bunker procurement solution is used for fuel procurement and analytics, and SAP Japan’s “SAP S/4HANA® Cloud” covers financial and accounting operations.

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